I know this is not a picture, and I don’t usually post written things here, but I had to write something for my friend and her family who’ve lost two members and need all the support in the world from their friends and family. This is for you Linda, y para tu mami.

The most fragile thing we have,
The most valuable thing we have,
The one thing we cannot predict,
or prevent,
or extend.

More than once we question God’s judgment.
We wonder why they left us.
We might never understand why
some of the bravest, purest, youngest
are the ones to leave first.
But if we have enough faith,
we rest assured its for a better place.

It is us we must worry about.
We are left mortals on this earth,
drowned by obstacles, memories, and remorse.
The hardest part of it all:
we are left here without you.

Let pray now for those of us left behind.
Lets hope for a better future.
Lets be grateful for this gift: Life.
Lets live it to our fullest every day.
Lets make those watching over us,
as proud as they deserve to be.


3 thoughts on “LIFE

  1. Ya se lo enseñe a mi mami y lo amo! Cuando tenga chance lo imprimire en un papel bonito para tenerlo always de recuerdo! Gracias de nuevo Nena!

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