This is a colibri, am not sure its the same name in English, but they’re probably the most amusing and beautiful birds in the world (this is coming from someone whose national bird is the Guacamaya click here to see, also very beautiful). You can find these little fellows in Honduras, if you’re lucky enough, in your garden! They flap their wings the fastest, and also fly SO fast. Its probably one of my personal favorite pictures. P.s. Happy Birthday Veronica Marchant 🙂 This picture is dedicated to you!

Este es un colibrí, creo que son los pájaros mas hermosos del mundo (y eso viniendo de alguien, cuyo ave nacional es la guacamaya, tambien hermosa). Esta es una de mis fotos favoritas. Los colibris se encuentran en Honduras, si tienes suerte, puedes verlos en el patio de tu casa. Feliz Cumpleaños Veronica Marchant, te dedico esta foto! 


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